Class on the Coast

  • Why do people live where they do?
  • How is where people live related to their lifestyles, tastes, values, opinions and morals?
  • What are patterns of belonging like on the Norfolk Coast?

Project Description

We don’t know enough about what people’s lives are like in places like Great Yarmouth, Cromer and North Norfolk. So I want to find out. This is a sociological and geographical study, which means it is about how people relate to each other, to things and to places.

I’m really interested in the everyday and the unremarkable. Things like how people end up living where they do. But I can’t find out everything about everyone in these places, so I’m going to speak to a few people and get them involved in the project if they would like to. The idea is to get a few in depth responses about what it’s like to live here, rather than lots of less in depth ones.

I want to find out about people’s social class, lifestyles, identities, values, tastes, morals; and how these things vary from person-to-person and place-to-place. Great Yarmouth, Cromer, and Blakeney or Burnham Market are all places on or very near the Norfolk coast. But apart from that they’re quite different.

Exactly what is it about standing on the Quay or the High Street in Blakeney that makes it different to standing on Beach Road in Hemsby or the seafront in Yarmouth? The different ways it makes you feel; the different opportunities and senses and experiences; the different people with different voices and interests and appearances. Or maybe the similarities too. What is the essential essence of Norfolk? Is it the brown of the North Sea? Is it something about being on the edge, at the end of the road, which means you’re never just passing through?