Simple Fun

We recently visited Sanibel Island in Florida.  This has become our family's secret getaway spot.  Though, we live in sunny South Florida, heading out to the west coast seems to offer a completely different world.  With less hustle and bustle, this low key destination offers a serene atmosphere which can only lead to relaxation...that is for the adults.  My kids love playing on the beach, riding bikes, kayaking in the ocean and getting ice cream at the local ice cream shops.  Though there are tons of activities for the kids to do, sometimes it's the simple things that bring smiles to their faces.

If you have ever visited the west coast of Florida, you are familiar with the AMAZING sunsets.  We knew that it was something that we could not off we went to walk on the coast and enjoy this experience.  The boys had a blast.  Finding shells and walking along the coast and putting their feet in the water entertained the boys for some time.  

They were having so much fun (and my husband and I watching them), that we missed the beautiful sunset.  Sometimes it's the simple things that bring us the most pleasure.

Backyard Learning

Living in South Florida has some great benefits...tropical weather almost year round, beautiful breaches, international cuisine, and interesting wildlife.  If you've ever visited  or live here, you have probably seen some of our wildlife right outside your door.  My kids always enjoy seeing what new creatures they can find...just in our back yard they have seen fresh water otters, ducks, iguanas, ibis, turtles, and fish.  Though they look at them from a distance, today we had a special (not so little) friend right on our porch.


My 5 boys were quite entertained by this 8 inch lizard.  They watched it eat insects, move around the screen, they counted its fingers and entertained them for a good 10 minutes until it left.  

I'm always amazed how boys are so interested in creepy crawlies.  Needless to say, we have a lot of them in South Florida, but these critters always open the doors for curiosity and learning.  I'm sure as we sit to do our daily work in our science journals, I'll see our lizard friend in their drawings and hear about it in their conversations.