Sunday: Day of Fun...& Learning

Sundays at our home are always a family day.  Both my husband and I try our best to make Sundays a day where we are not running errands, but instead we thrive to make it a day just focused on family.  Today was no exception.  


Living in South Florida, the temperature here would make you think its summer already, but that is not such a bad thing for us here.  We take these beautiful, sunny (and hot) days and take advantage of our pool.  The kids can literally spend hours in the pool.  After swimming, they always have great time riding their bikes until they dry off.  Today, I decided that I would sneak in some learning as well.  I purchased a Geo Safari Jr. My First Microscope from Educational Insights and decided to put it out for the kids to play with today.  TOTAL SUCCESS!  My kids loved this microscope as much as I did.  I chose this microscope because it was made for preschoolers and younger children.  It seems durable enough to withstand my five boys. It has a rubber knob made for little hands to be able to turn easily.  It has a built in LED light, but my absolute favorite feature is the viewer.  It has TWO eyepieces, so my boys had no difficulty seeing whatever they had found outside.  The microscope magnifies 8x, but that was just enough for them to see the details in whatever items they wanted to see.  They couldn't get enough of it and I loved that it sparked inquiry in my boys. I love when my kids don't know that they are doing something educational...they just think that they are having fun!